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Debb Dodges Raindrops - Exploring Clark County Washington

How to Sell Your Home - Camas, Fishers Landing, Washougal WA

What Sellers Need to Know in Clark County WA

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In Clark County WA, it’s a seller’s market because of many elements: home prices are generally up, there is low inventory, and interest rates are still historically low. But what does that mean for your home's value? Before you stick a “For Sale by Owner” sign out front, or call the first agent who pops up on those national real estate sites, consider the following:

Home prices are not a generic commodity that are determined on a county-wide or even city-wide basis.

Certainly, the use of price per square foot is still a common denominator to compare relative value of homes. But, thanks to the ton of data available to consumers, and the unique qualities of different locations, prices can vary dramatically by neighborhood, sometimes even by street.

That means that you need to know the particulars of your neighborhood, what is appealing to buyers, what is selling, and – equally important – why! You shouldn’t price your home based upon what neighbors tell you, or the asking prices for houses in the area. Proper market analysis goes way beyond the tax information on the County web site - the sales information is often incomplete and sometimes outdated.  You need to know which homes closed recently - not listed - and at what was the final price.

Home Prices in Clark County Neighborhoods - Rumor is Not Reality

You may hear from neighbors that so-and-so sold their home for X-thousand dollars, but checking the local MLS shows it is only Pending.  Clearly the List price is not the final Sale price. Plus, were there any seller concessions – for example, did they pay closing costs, or have to do major repairs to close? You also need to know why the three-bedroom house on a corner lot sold for more price per square foot than the four-bedroom house on a quiet cul-de-sac.  Which home features are popular now and attracting higher prices? And, if your home does not have them – whether it is worth the expense to upgrade.

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All of this leads to the need for a local expert – your neighborhood Realtor®.  No one can be an expert in all neighborhoods in your area - it’s not possible. That is why you will see more and more credible brokers focusing on specific neighborhoods. Because each house is unique in its own setting, it takes an expert to know how to fetch the highest price.




We specialize in East County neighborhoods. If you want to know more about home prices in your neighborhood, contact us. A neighborhood expert will help you sell your home faster, and at the best price for your market.



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How to Sell Your Home - Camas, Fishers Landing, Washougal WA
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