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Debb Dodges Raindrops - Exploring Clark County Washington

Camas - A Healthy Environment Saves You Money

WellCity Awards Camas And Reduces Employee Health Premiums


WellCity LogoYou may have noticed we rave a lot about living in the Pacific Northwest, and in particular Camas WA. The area is not only beautiful, but is especially well-suited for outdoor activities and a healthy environment – things important to us.

Recently, we discovered a little-known program that underscores how this area values healthy work environments and active lifestyles. In fact, city employees in Camas enjoy reduced health insurance premiums when they meet the guidelines. It’s called “WellCity” – a program sponsored by the Association of Washington Cities (AWC), a professional association for cities, towns and municipalities.

The AWC’s Employee Benefit Trust’s annual WellCity Awards recognize cities that achieve nine standards of quality for employee health promotion.  Each year, cities can apply to be a part of the program – one that is as rigorous as a CrossFit regime – but not everyone makes it.  Currently, Camas, Washougal and Battle Ground are the only cities in Clark County who have made the grade. 

Camas Healthy Workplace Benefits Us All

This is not just another quick-fix program with grandiose statement and little substance.  It takes four years of serious commitment on the part of employers and employees, with strict guidelines for follow-up to achieve the WellCity Award.  At each stage, the program must satisfy the nine WellCity standards of excellence, based on current health research, and designed to have a positive impact on employee health and productivity:

1. Policies and Procedures
2. Management Support
3. Wellness Committee
4. Wellness Network & Resources
5. Needs Assessment
6. Worksite Environment
7. Operating Plan
8. Activities & Interventions
9. Evaluation


Here are some examples given for "6. Worksite Environment":

WellCity BrochureHealthy food options in the cafeteria, vending machines or snack boxes - offered at or below cost (subsidized by higher prices for less healthy items.)
Fitness room with onsite shower, where feasible
Bike racks for commuters
Stairwells with signage encouraging use
Discounts at local health clubs
Onsite group fitness classes
Organized outdoor activities – hiking, biking, etc.
Coordinating team participation in community runs and health events

WellCity Brochure

So it’s not just paperwork that qualifies for the WellCity award – employees have to participate and bring healthy changes to the workplace. In return, they enjoy a better work environment - and save money on their health premiums.



If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle and appreciate employers who encourage the same for its employees, you’ll love calling Camas "home." Speaking of homes, we've got many different options in a variety of great neighborhoods. We live and work here too and because "We Are Your Locals," we can save you time and money when buying - or selling a home. Feel free to contact us and ask how we do it. 



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Camas - A Healthy Environment Saves You Money
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