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Multi-Gen Housing - Going A-Lawn For The Ride

Equipment Costs Are Items to Consider in Multi-Gen Housing


Our multi-generational clients in Clark County often end up buying family estates with large lots or acreage. So we always encourage them to consider the expense of lawn and landscape maintenance in their budgets.  If you can afford a gardener - read no further - you’re set!  But if you’re like most households, lawn and landscape maintenance is a shared responsibility.  Even if you choose to have a reduced-grass yard, there is maintenance: watering, weeding, and seasonal cleanup. Although outdoor work is very rewarding and can be healthy, you will also need to take into consideration the physical abilities of all members of the household.


For this article, we’ll focus on keeping lawns mowed, since most households will have some grass. The type of mower you will need, of course, depends upon several factors: size of lawn, seasonal requirements, and abilities of household members. The average lot size is .2 acres or around 9,000 SqFt. For that size, a walk-behind mower will probably work, and there are several options: manual reel for small lawns, rotary electric (including cordless) for medium lawns, and rotary gas engine for the larger areas. Of course, there will be some overlap between  categories, but prices range from $100 to up to $400 for the self-propelled gas models.


Another Advantage of Multi-Gen Living: Taking Turns on The Riding Lawn Mower



The next category up is where the fun begins - riding lawnmowers. You may decide that, due to larger acreage, or the physical agility of household members, you will need a riding mower. This ubiquitous symbol of suburbia has evolved into more than comfort and convenience for the homeowner - some models are true workhorses for all types of landscape activities.  


Starting at the lower end, prices range from $600 to $900 for a classic riding mower with one purpose: cutting grass.  As you move up to heavier and more robust models, the prices range from $1,000 to $1,500 for a category known as lawn tractors. A sturdier and faster version of the riding mower, lawn tractors also offer a few accessories such as utility carts for hauling around supplies or tools.  



Many of our multi-gen clients in Clark County have purchased family estates with an acre or more.  Once you reach this size, you will need to consider the type known as a garden tractor. Ostensibly a powerful mowing machine, this category offers sturdier frames and engines for bigger jobs.  You can also find many accessories that turn it into a multi-purpose machine, including tillers, chippers, and even snow plows. These tractors can range in price from $2,000 to $7,000 and are often a miniature version of full-blown farm production tractors, but are well worth the  additional investment for their versatility.


Whatever your size yard, or physical needs of your household, be sure to include an evaluation of the size and category of equipment that will suit you best.For more insight into multi-generational living - call us at Harcourts The Carl Group - We’re Your Locals.  We understand this lifestyle - and live it too! 


( Written by Bernard F. Stea, JD, Managing Broker)  


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Multi-Gen Housing - Going A-Lawn For The Ride
Equipment Costs Are Items to Consider in Multi-Gen Housing Our multi-generational clients in Clark County often end up buying family estates with large lots or acreage. So we always encourage them to consider the expense of lawn and landscape… more