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The Luxury of a Perfect Oyster Knife

We think oysters and champagne are pretty special together - especially when you can get fresh-harvested oysters from Willapa Bay in Washington.  Typically smaller than East Coast oysters, they are excellent served raw on the half-shell with champagne vinegar mignonette.  If you're concerned about raw shellfish, grilling oysters is a great way to cook them without losing their succulent texture. Place them on a hot grill for about 10 minutes until the shell pops a bit - they're done!  This year, we put them on our Traeger for the first time and they turned out perfectly - softly poached in their natural juices with a touch of smoky flavor.  

Old Knife vs New

Whether eating them raw or grilling, you will need to shuck them, which can be a daunting task without the right tool. For years I have used the traditional oyster knife pictured above - a basic design that works OK. But recently we discovered the EZ-Profi, marketed as "The Best Oyster Knife I've Ever Used" by chef Hoppin' John Taylor. And it lives up to its name!

Imported from Solingen Germany, it is forged from a single piece of surgical steel and specifically designed to make the shucking process easy and efficient.  Its sharp point helps edge the knife into the hinge, which starts the wedge to open the shell.  With a simple twist of the ergonomic handle, the shell easily pops open. The sharp edge is also good for cutting the muscle once the shell is opened.  Using this knife is not just a luxury - it's fun to use something that is so well-designed!

You can buy them online at Hoppin' John's website, or check your local kitchen or seafood shop. We got ours at B&B Fish Market in Camas.

This is a video from several years ago, but it still showcases our love for oysters! 




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The Luxury of a Perfect Oyster Knife
We think oysters and champagne are pretty special together - especially when you can get fresh-harvested oysters from Willapa Bay in Washington. Typically smaller than East Coast oysters, they are excellent served raw on the half-shell with… more
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